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When a power surge happens you want to make sure you are prepared with the proper whole house surge protection. If not your electrical devices could pay the ultimate price and need to be replaced. Since 2004 VPC Electric has been the go to electrical contractor in Spokane & Coeur d' Alene for home surge protection solutions.

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Protect Your Expensive Electronics! 

Keep Your Electronics Safe from Power Surges

Electrical surges can instantly overload and permanently damage your electrical devices. Anything from televisions, computers, and sound systems to appliances, and HVAC systems can be irreversibly damaged by these surges of power.

Whole home surge protection devices are the ideal solution to this problem. These devices plug directly into your electrical panel and drastically mitigate the risk of power surge damage.

What is a Power Surge and What Causes Them?

A power surge is a sudden increase in electricity that exceeds what your electrical system typically handles. That power has to go somewhere and it usually moves strait into your expensive electronic devices which can cause permanent damage.

Below is a list of common causes of power surges.

  • Lightning strikes
  • Downed power lines
  • Power problems within the house
  • Faulty electronics and major appliances
  • Power grid switching by the electric company (happens regularly)
  • High electricity demand by your household
  • Faulty wiring, shorts, or other electrical problems

If you ever find yourself in one of these situations and the power cuts out for just a moment, then returns only for you to find the electronic device you were previously using no longer works, you likely just experienced power surge damage.

More Benefits of Installing a Surge Protector

No matter if you’re looking to install a whole-house surge protector or a point-of-use surge protector, these are worth it to protect your investments. Here are some of their best benefits:

  • Prevent surges from large appliances: Huge appliances like air conditioners can also induce small surges in your home. While they may be short, they can still be strong and enough to deteriorate your wiring. This, in turn, will reduce their lifespan.
  • Protects the breaker box: When huge appliances send off surges, they often go through your main breaker box. With a surge protector though, the current will stop even before it gets into the breaker panel protecting it and all your equipment at home. 
  • Saves you replacement costs: Surges can destroy your electronics after one bout but in the long run, it can also shorten the lives of those electronics and appliances it didn’t immediately destroy which would force you to buy replacements way before it’s supposed lifetime end.

Point-of-Use vs. Whole-House Surge Protection

point of use surge protection device

Point-of-Use Surge Protection

Point of use surge protectors are designed to protect sensitive electronics & appliances at their source. These types of devices are typically plugged right into the wall rather then in your electrical panel. This will help protect your devices from power surges that occur inside your house.

Whole Home surge protection

Whole-Home Surge Protection

Whole house surge protectors are designed to protect your entire house against rogue power surges that come from the outside of your home. This form of protection plugs right into your electrical panel and monitors and mitigates all outside power surges from entering your home.

Two Tiered Approach

Knowing which type of surge protection you need can be tricky! In many cases it makes sense to use both a whole home and a plug in surge protector. Especially on high ticket items such as computers or smart TVs. This is known as the two tiered approach. Doing this will not only protect your home from outside power surges it will also protect your most important devices from internal power surges that can occur from plugging in to many electronic devices on the same circuit.

Feel free to reach out to our highly trained team of electrical experts if you have any questions about surge protection or want a estimate on adding this incredibly important power safety feature to your home or business.

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