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Heat tape is a great way to protect your home during the winter months from ice dam build up on your roof and frozen pipes outside your house. Contact your personal, professional, proven local electricians for an estimate today!

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What is Heat Tape?

Heat tape is an electric cord that produces heat warm enough to prevent water from freezing. The tape is protected from the elements and is designed to keep water from melting in inopportune places such as your gutters and in your pipes. This prevents ice dams from building on your roof, ice damaging your gutters, and giant icicles from protruding from off the edge of your home. Heat tape can also prevent your pipes from freezing in temperatures as low as -50 degrees fahrenheit!

What are the Benefits of Using Heat Tape?

  • Protects & extends the life of your gutters
  • Extends the life of your roof
  • Prevents dangerous icicles from forming
  • Prevents water damage and mildew from improper gutter drainage
  • Prevents exterior pipes from freezing and bursting
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Heat Tape Installation