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An electrical panel or breaker box upgrade is necessary for a wide variety of home improvements such as having newer appliances, hot tubs, upgrading lighting systems, adding power to outbuildings, home additions and more. If you are experiencing symptoms such as frequently blown fuses or flickering lights you should have an electrician take a look to evaluate your electrical panel and prevent any future damage from occurring.

Electrical Panel & Breaker Box Services in Spokane & CDA

Many older homes in both Spokane & Coeur d’Alene are equipped with smaller 100 amp electrical panels that are just not able to make the cut for today’s modern electrical loads which will typically require a 200 amp service to get the job done effectively. Technological advances such as computers, 4k TVs, premium sound systems, smart appliances, and more are putting higher demands on your electrical system. If your home is 20+ years or older it may be in your best interest to evaluate your electrical panel or breaker box.

If you want to see how many amps your breaker box is this information is typically found right inside the panel door of your electrical panel. If you can’t find this information or want to have a professional electrician take a look at your system VPC Electric offers free electrical safety evaluation. Let our family keep your family safe.

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How to Tell if You Need to Update Your Electrical Panel? 

There are many reasons you might need to update your electrical panel. Below are questions you should ask yourself to determine if its actually time to upgrade your electrical system. If you have any questions regarding your electrical panel or breaker box give VPC Electric a call today. VPC also offers free electrical safety evaluation for homeowners free of charge.

How old is your home?

Older homes were built with smaller electrical needs in mind and often top out at a 60 amp or 100 amp breaker boxes. In some cases older houses are still utilizing outdated fuse boxes that lack the technological advancement of the modern day electrical panel & breaker boxes. For new homes in Spokane or Coeur d’Alene it is required that you have a 200 amp service or  your utility provider won’t supply you with electrical service. If your home was built before the 1990s we recommend having a certified electrician out to evaluate your electrical system.

Is your electrical panel warm or hot to the touch?

If your electrical panel is warm or hot to the touch it is a sign that it is not functioning properly and could lead to a fire hazard or serious electrical system damage.

If you are experiencing any of these issues give VPC Electrical a call right a way!

Are you planning any home remodels or upgrades?

When you add onto your house, upgrade lighting, appliances, or even get a hot tub it’s important to know if your electrical system has enough amperage to power all of those upgrades! Our highly trained team of electricians will evaluate your power system and make recommendations to keep you and your family safe.

Dangerous Electrical Panels to Replace Right Away

Our highly trained technicians typically review each electrical panel on a case by case basis to make sure that it makes sense to actually replace, or upgrade your existing panel. However, if you have any of the following electrical panels we recommend replacing it immediately due to the abnormally high risk for wire damage and house fires. For more information about these panels check out ismypanelsafe.com

  • Federal Pacific Electric (FPE)
  • Zinsco Electrical Panels
  • Salvania Electrical Panels
  • Pushmatic Electrical Panels
  • Split Bus Panels
  • Screw in Fuse Boxes
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Zinsco Combination EDP

How do Outdated Electrical Panels and Fuse Boxes Cause Electrical Fires? 

Understanding how these systems work is the first step to making sure your family stays safe. Electrical panels keep your electrical system secure by shutting off power to wires that short circuit, overheat, or are overloaded. Without this protection the wires would begin to degrade overtime becoming exposed. These exposed wires produce heat and transfer electricity that can easily start a house fire. The sooner you catch the problem the better as this will reduce the chances you will have to replace a large amount of wiring in your home.

Wires are only meant to carry so much electrical load. Imagine hooking up a regular garden hose to a fire hydrant. Sure, water would flow through the hose but it would quickly expand and break open rendering the hose useless. The same thing occurs when too much electricity is being pushed through a wire. However, unlike a garden hose an exposed wire can cause serious damage to your home.

Here at VPC Electric we follow NAC Electrical Codes. These codes are in place to keep you safe and are updated every 3 years. They set the standard for safe electrical instillation and fire prevention. Homes that are not up-to-date with the current electrical codes, including outdated panels, can be a safety hazard.  You can visit ismypanelsafe.com for further information on the safety of your electrical panel.

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