Protect Your Electronics with Whole House Surge Protection

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Have you experienced a power surge? It’s not a fun experience…

If you’ve noticed your power cutting out momentarily and then returning only to find that the electronic device you were just using no longer works, you’ve most likely experienced a power surge.

Power surges can cause permanent damage to expensive devices and appliances in your home, so preparing your home for the unexpected can save you from losing them in the future!

VPC Electric specializes in surge protection to protect your home from lasting damage. 

When it comes to ensuring your home is protected you want to rely on the experts. And that’s why VPC Electric in Spokane, WA is a great resource.

What is a Power Surge and How Does it Happen?

A power surge can be described as a sudden burst of electricity, exceeding your electrical system’s maximum capacity and relocating it elsewhere, usually your high-ticket, expensive appliances/devices. 

Which we’re sure, you’re not wanting to replace constantly, right?

A crazy fact about power surges though is that the average home experiences 20 surges a day!

Surges can happen under a variety of circumstances, so it’s important to be prepared. 

The most common occurrences of power surges manifest when numerous high-voltage appliances are plugged in simultaneously, or if one of the appliances is turned on. This includes washers, dryers, refrigerators, air conditioners, etc. 

Two or more appliances drawing power from the same circuit, especially in the kitchen can initiate these surges and ruin your devices.

Just think of how much energy your fridge, stove, and dishwasher all need!

These high-voltage appliances are most likely all drawing their energy from the same power source unless protected!

Power surges can also be derived from smaller electronic devices such as blow dryers, or a family room filled with computers and entertainment equipment.  

80% of surges occur internally and are very short. They may not seem to cause extreme damage at the time, but can affect the lifespan of your appliances or devices over time. 

And when you’re spending thousands of dollars on these items, we know you want them to stay working for as long as possible!

If you’re not careful or prepared, some instances can lead to deadly and dangerous situations. 

Imagine this, you plug your blow dryer into an outlet, and then all of a sudden it sparks and catches fire. Talk about an electrifying experience! 

The worst part is, starting a house fire in Spokane will not only take your house down, it will most likely take others down as well, depending on the season.

And we definitely can’t forget the natural events that can cause surges like lightning strikes or severe storms which could potentially ruin your electric system once power is restored.

The sudden jump in the electrical current could likely damage your appliances if items were running/still plugged in and on when the power is turned back on.

Downed power lines, faulty wiring or electronics, shorts, or power problems within the house are also capable of causing power surges. 

This is why hiring a qualified electrician to handle and manage your electrical system is crucial in order to avoid potentially dangerous situations. 

Not only will it put your mind at ease, it will help you know that if any of these situations happen, your home will be protected.

How to Prevent a Power Surge?

By this point, I’m sure you’re wondering what steps you can take to prevent a power surge.

There are numerous ways to make sure your home is protected; two of the best methods of protection are installing a whole-house surge protector or using point-of-use surge protectors. 

Whole-House Surge Protectors

Whole-house surge protector devices, also commonly known as “SPDs” are the best defense against power surges of any magnitude. 

These devices are popular safety features in newer, more modern homes because the more advanced the technology in the home, the more power is usually needed. 

Investing in a whole-house surge protector can ultimately save your expensive electrical devices from becoming instantly overloaded and permanently damaged in the instance of a power surge. 

Don’t put your television, computer, sound system, appliances, or HVAC system at risk of becoming irreversibly damaged! Rather than putting your money towards replacing them, put it towards protecting them!

These protection devices plug directly into your electrical panel and drastically mitigate and monitor all outside power surges from entering your home. 

One of the key things to note about whole-house surge protectors is that they provide protection for your entire electric system. 

This means that any transient surge stemming from one of your appliances will be deterred and blocked off, thus protecting the surge from ruining any other electronic devices within your home, safeguarding every outlet. 

You won’t want to handle this task on your own. Hiring a professional to properly install the surge protector is your safest option. 

Since 2004, VPC Electric has been the go-to electrical contractor in Spokane for home surge protection solutions. 

Point-Of-Use Surge Protectors:

While whole-house surge protectors are the most efficient way to protect your entire home in the case of a power surge, point-of-use surge protection is another fantastic way to protect your items!

This equipment is designed to protect sensitive electronics and appliances right at their source!

Rather than being plugged into your electrical panel, point-of-use surge protectors are plugged directly into the wall and help to protect your devices from power surges that occur inside your home!

Point-of-use surge protectors are one of the best avenues to take in order to protect your home internally.

If you are having trouble figuring out which route you’d like to take, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us here at VPC! We are certified and experienced to advise you on which method is best for your needs. 

Two-Tiered Approach:

In some cases, especially with more expensive items, it’s best to use both methods, in which case would be called the “two-tiered approach” or layering. 

By utilizing the two-tiered approach, you’re not only protecting your home from outside power surges, but you’re also protecting your electronic devices from internal surges. 

In other words, you’re double-protected!

There are other ways to prevent power surges from destroying your devices such as updating your wiring, fixing overloaded circuits, or simply unplugging any devices you don’t typically use on a daily basis. 

However, whole-house surge protection and point-of-use surge protectors are guaranteed to instantly protect your home and equipment and give you the comfort in knowing that your home and devices are secure.

How Much Does It Cost? 

If you’re thinking about installing whole-house surge protection, you’ll need roughly $500 for the protection alone; the cost of labor will differ depending on which electrician company you decide to hire. 

While whole-house surge protection may cost more, point-of-use surge protectors are less-expensive and can range in price from around $20-$70!

Both will offer protection for your home and appliances and are worth every penny! You’ll spend less money investing in surge protection rather than replacing your appliances. 

VPC Electric has certified residential electricians in Spokane with experience installing whole house surge protection. Prevent damage from power surges, call today!

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