Ceiling Fans

Are you considering a new ceiling fan for your Cheney, WA, home’s kitchen or living room? Turn to VPC Electric. Our licensed and trained electricians can take measurements, discuss your particular goals, and recommend a ceiling fan to meet your needs.

Looking for better airflow? Be sure to select a ceiling fan with longer blades. The longer the blade on the fan, the more airflow it will be able to generate. Fans with long blades are designed to work best in large rooms and open spaces, so if you want to improve airflow in your living room or open-concept kitchen, be sure to consider this.

For more ceiling fan tips and suggestions, contact our electricians. We are always happy to discuss all of your ceiling fan options and recommend the right model for your home.

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Are you trying to find the best electrical company in Cheney, WA, for installation or replacement at your home? VPC Electric is here for you and always happy to assist.

Have an electrical problem that needs to be addressed? We can take care of this too.

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Electrical Panels

Your Cheney, WA, home’s electrical panels are designed to safely distribute power to the rooms and areas inside your home. It is imperative your electrical panels are working properly. They should be correctly installed and operating efficiently.

Any signs of overheating, rust, tripped breakers, or unusual noises should warrant concern—along with a call to our VPC Electric professionals. These issues should not be taken lightly. If you ever suspect there is an issue with your electrical panels or electrical equipment, call our experts for an inspection. We will assess and resolve the situation.

The best and most cost-effective option may be to replace just the panel but, depending on your situation, you may need rewiring, a new breaker switch, or an entirely new main breaker. No matter the electrical panel problem, we are here to help.

For electrical panel installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance services you can count on, know our licensed and knowledgeable electricians are just a phone call away.

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EV Charging Stations

Whether you depend on your electric vehicle (EV) for your daily commute in the Cheney, WA, area or for a weekend getaway, installing an EV charging station is key. VPC Electric can install your EV charger so you can charge your electric vehicle much quicker and more efficiently.

Have an issue or concern with your EV charging station? Let our electricians take a look! We install, replace, repair, and service EV chargers and are happy to help.

Contact us at 877-591-HERO (4376) or request service online today.

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Generators for New Construction

Consider installing a generator at your new construction home in the Cheney, WA, area to ensure you never have to deal with the inconvenience of losing power. Maybe you aren’t purchasing a new build but are constructing it—add the generator.

By installing a generator, you can rest assured there will be no disruption to refrigeration, heating, cooling, and electrical equipment. The home you are building will remain safe and secure.

VPC Electric is proud to offer generator installation services for both residential and commercial new construction builds. Leave all your generator needs to our experts.

Contact us at 877-591-HERO (4376) or request service online today.

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Light Switches

Light switches can do everything from brightening a room to setting a mood and tone for an environment.

Looking for a light switch for your Cheney, WA, home that is convenient for you? Go with a smart control light switch or motion sensor light switch. You won’t need to lift a finger!

Smart light switches let you turn your lights on and off remotely. If you don’t want to get up to turn your lights off in the kitchen or forgot to turn off your lights at home and already left work, you can easily turn them off by using an app on your smartphone.

Motion sensor lights automatically turn on when they detect motion. Any time you enter near the motion sensor, the lights will turn on without you having to do anything!

If you are interested in a modern look for your home or business, speak with our VPC Electric professionals. We can recommend a variety of options to help you transform the atmosphere. Our experts offer light switch installation, replacement, repairs, and service. Let’s work together to create the environment you want!

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From ceiling mounts, chandeliers, track lighting, and accent lighting to pathway lights, solar LEDs, garden lighting, flush lighting, downlights, and more, there are plenty of indoor and outdoor lighting options for your Cheney, WA, home.

Go for an attractive and stylish indoor lighting option. Or choose a rail of lights to brighten up your kitchen or living room. Protect your home and loved ones and reduce the risk of break-ins by adding security lighting, pathway lighting, or porch lighting.

When it comes to adding lighting inside and outside of your home, the options are limitless. Start creating the safe and relaxing atmosphere you want at home. Leave the lighting installation to our VPC Electric experts. Ready to replace an outdated fixture? We can do that too. Have an issue with your lighting? Let our electricians inspect and repair the problem.

Contact us at 877-591-HERO (4376) or request service online today.

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Is there a problem with your Cheney, WA, home’s outlets? Maybe your outlets aren’t working or you see sparks coming out from them. If you suspect any type of electrical problem in your home, do not delay turning to our VPC Electric professionals.

Our licensed and knowledgeable electricians can assess your outlets and electrical equipment. We will get to the bottom of any issue and offer you a solution to ensure your safety and comfort.

Contact us at 877-591-HERO (4376) or request service online today.

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How often do you think about your Cheney, WA, home’s wiring? Building materials and codes change over time for safety purposes, so if you have an older home your wiring could be outdated and pose a safety hazard.

Outdated and faulty wiring can cause a house fire. When you rewire your home, you will be able to enjoy improved safety, increased electrical capacity, more reliable power, and even a higher home value.

Let VPC Electric take care of all your wiring and rewiring needs! Our team of expert electricians can help you create the safe and comfortable home you deserve.

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