Air Scrubber Installations

Protect your home from Viruses, Bacteria, and Mold

Improve indoor air quality by installing an Air Scrubber in your home. Air Scrubbers provide the following benefits:

  • Non Toxic Air Purification
  • Increase HVAC Longevity
  • Eliminates Airborne Contaminates
  • Removes 99.9%
    • Mold
    • Cigarette Smoke
    • Disease Causing Bacteria

Air Scrubber installation is only available while supplies last. 

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How Do Air Scrubbers Work?

As air flows through the Air Scrubber unit, a special technology called ActivePureTM transforms the air into scrubbers.

These scrubbers pass through the ductwork in your home cleaning and disinfecting trouble areas such as doorknobs, toilets, pet areas, countertops, and more.

In just 30 minutes, an air scrubber can remove 99.9% of the hazardous pollutants in your home.

The scrubber will not only reduce the amount of airborne pollutants such as cigarette smoke , dust, mold, and pollen, but also the amount of contaminants living on your different surfaces with the ActivePureTM technology.

By cleaning and purifying the air, an air scrubber is effectively able to reduce the amount of toxins that can cause eye, nose, and throat irritation such as: sinus issues, fatigue, headaches, allergies, dizziness, coughs and nausea.

Contact VPC Electric for more information on the Air Scrubber Plus and how it can benefit the air quality in your home.

How Effective is an Air Scrubber?

Some of the best environmental scientists in the world have rigorously tested Air Scrubber Plus ® for efficacy in the air and on exposed surfaces. 

Researchers have validated the efficacy of the ActivePureTM airborne particulate and contaminant control technologies on surfaces. 

Air Scrubber Plus® works to reduce or significantly reduce up to virtually all organic and microbial compounds, bacteria, viruses, VOCs, and offensive odors where we live and breathe.

The key components of the Air Scrubber Plus® are the honeycomb surface and the UV light.

The surface – coated with a titanium oxide and a proprietary formulation of reactive metals – creates a catalytic reaction that generates charged clusters of hydrogen and oxygen.

Air Scrubber Installation

Schedule to have an air scrubber installed by a professional electrician in the Spokane or Coeur d’Alene area.

The air scrubber will be mounted above your HVAC’s air handler and unlike bulky air purifiers it is not visible inside your home. A standard unit will cover up to 3,000 square feet and begins working immediately.

Air Scrubber Plus® Video from the Manufacturer

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