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Are you dealing with electrical villains?

To Have a 24 Hour Emergency Response Technician to Your Home or Business

24-Hour Emergency Electrician Services! 

There are times when electrical problems arise, and you need 24/7 emergency electricians on the job fast. An emergency service electrician can help you with a wide range of electrical issues on short notice. Our electricians specialize in troubleshooting; so we can find out what’s wrong quickly, and get you back up and running with minimal delay.

We understand that emergency electrical problems happen at often inconvenient times for you and your family. We respond quickly with fully licensed and professional staff to fix the problem, and always provide up front pricing. VPC Electric is personal, professional, and proven in providing emergency electrical services.

VPC Electric Handles Emergencies of all Shapes & Sizes! 

At VPC Electric we prioritize emergency calls, and try to get our technicians to you as soon as possible. It doesn’t matter if your call is after business hours, on the weekend, or during holidays VPC Electric is here to make sure you are taken care of no matter how big or small your emergency is.

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What are Some Signs That You Need to Call a 24/7 Emergency Electrician?

There are many electrical scenarios that can occur that go beyond the scope of what someone can fix with limited electrical knowledge. Oftentimes if you don’t know exactly what the issue is you can risk further damaging your electrical system or even injuring yourself. It’s not always obvious what electrical problems are emergencies so we put together a list of electrical symptoms that will make you want to call an emergency electrician right away.

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Discolored, Smoking or Flaming Outlets

It doesn’t take a genius to realize if your power outlets are smoking or on fire you have a massive problem. If you see flames you will want to skip calling an electrician and move right to dialing 911 to get the fire department at your home. If the outlets are just starting to smoke give VPC Electric a call immediately and we will prioritize your call to keep your home and your family safe.

Buzzing, Humming or Popping Sounds

It’s normal for many appliances in your home make buzzing and humming noises but if you hear these strange noises from your electrical panel it can signal a major problem. These noises are often the first clue to homeowners that the electrical panel is not functioning properly. This can be due to faulty wiring or failing to trip when overloaded. If not looked at quickly this can result in massive wire damage or electrical fires.

Your House or Business has Flooded

When your home gets flooded calling an electrician is often the last thing that goes through your mind. Standing in water with live electricity running through the walls is never a good idea and can pose a high electrocution risk. If your house floods and you don’t know how to shut off the power give us a call immediately.

You Smell Burning Plastic

People report a variety of smells coming from electrical issues. The most common are burning plastic, rotten fish, or even the smell of urine. If you are experiencing these unpleasant smells coming from wall outlets or other parts of your electrical system it’s one of the first tell tell signs you have a major electrical problem. If untreated it is not uncommon for your outlets to start becoming discolored, start smoking, or even catch fire.

Power Outages

There are many causes to power outages. If you find yourself in a situation where the lights go out and it's not because of your utility provider call an emergency electrician right away!

When in Doubt Call an Emergency Electrician

You want to make sure the electrician you choose has the knowledge and ability to be at your home or business when an emergency situation occurs. With over 20 years of professional electrical experience, VPC Electric can there for you during these situations! Any time, any day! As soon as possible!